Luce5 Ready to see beyond?


Luce5 engineers and illuminates SPAZIANDO, a luminous artwork by Passo a Due Design. SPAZIANDO was exhibited from 15-17 September 2023 at the Garden of Palazzo Corsini in Florence, as part of the XXIX edition of Artigianato e Palazzo.

by Luce5


SPAZIANDO: an artistic creation that invites us to go beyond what is in front of our eyes, slow down the flow of observation time and get lost in intimate contact with our inner selves.

Luce5 for PASSO A DUE DESIGN: the experience and technical skills of Luce5 called upon to support the artistic design of Alice Corbetta and Valentina Garraffa, for a work that invites reflection and is a vehicle for introspection. Two types of light for the luminous work SPAZIANDO: a backlight that radiates the silhouette highlighting its contours, and a narrow beam of frontal lighting that, by grazing the surface, emphasizes its peculiarities, highlighting the oxidations, the chromaticisms and the materiality of the artistic surface. A customised lighting project that allows you to enjoy the luminous work wherever you feel the desire to connect with it and “space out“, as it is entirely battery-powered.