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Since 1991 we have been developing and producing lighting solutions for custom projects.


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The Art of Lighting Award 2024

Luce5 Journal

Luce5 launches The Art of Lighting Award at NOMAD St Moritz 2024.

Luce5 and NOMAD are the driving force behind the project The Art of Lighting Award which tries to expand actively the frontiers of contemporary lighting by involving creative talents of art and design.

Nomad St Moritz 2024

Luce5 Journal

NOMAD St Moritz 2024, a unique opportunity for dialogue and exchange among art, architecture and design.

The cooperation continues between LUCE5 and Nomad. The event assembles some of the most influential leading personalities of contemporary art and design.

Technologies and products at the service of bespoke lighting engineering projects.


Luce5 The Art of Lighting


Luce5 The Art of Lighting

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Luce5 The Art of Lighting