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Inventa Project

Luce5’s “Inventa” aims to project, develop and carry out integrated procedures which allow us to efficiently meet the increasing needs to formalize the technical and descriptive characteristics of the products, production flexibility and speed, to answer to the clients’ requests of customization and uniqueness of the project with extremely fast and high-quality realization. For this purpose, the project has allowed us to review and integrate new data and information flows among the various departments and to define new work procedures. We have been able to revise completely the IT’s structure of our company so to achieve the present integration of the management systems. Some specific procedures have been created for the relationships with clients that allow the personalization of the transmission of important data for the commission and the accounting of the sold services/products. The project is co-financed by the invitation POR CREO FESR 2014-2020 2020 Action 1.1.2 sub-action a): “The support to buy services for the technical, strategic, organizational and commercial of the companies: Digital Microinnovation of the companies”, with a financial contribution of 60.300 Euro.

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