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Luce5 illuminates art. The expertise of Luce5 in the lighting management of a masterful project: “La Commedia Umana di Ai Weiwei”.

Luce5 is honored to have collaborated with Fondazione Berengo and Berengo Studio for Memento Mori, the largest suspended sculpture ever created in Murano glass, born from the inspiration and ingenuity of Ai Weiwei.

by Luce5


Light, once again silent protagonist and indispensable tool for reading the work of art.

Comprising more than 2000 pieces, over six meters wide and almost nine meters high, the monumental suspended installation of handcrafted black glass is intricate and rich in details that would remain cached without a careful study of natural light and an adequate lighting input.

Thanks to the skillful study of light developed by the Luce5 team to enhance the details, the work reveals a cascade of bones, internal organs and unexpected objects that serve as a poignant reflection on the alienating relationship between man and the natural world, a message that resonates strongly in the fragile ecosystem of the Venetian lagoon. Through the use of dynamic whites and variable beams that exploit the reactivity of dark, satin glass, a philosophical and dramatic narrative comes to life that tells of the complex nature of human beings and of life.

Particularly intriguing is the relationship between light and glass, the latter being extremely reactive to light, which dissolves in it, highlighting minute details that would otherwise go undetected. Two opposing spirits, but which cannot do without each other: it is indeed through light that glass comes to life. In Memento Mori exhibited in the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, Luce5 lends its expertise and skills to one of the greatest contemporary artists and thinkers, Ai Weiwei, one of the most interesting creative minds on the international contemporary art scene.

Light, once again silent protagonist and indispensable tool for reading the work of art.