Luce5 Ready to see beyond?

CONNECTIONS, a solo exhibition by Simone Lingua - Palazzo Drago Airoldi di Santa Colomba in Palermo 25.06.2023 - 15.07.2023

The deep knowledge of light and the technical-functional know-how of Luce5, at the service of the artistic inspiration and aesthetic vision of Simone Lingua.

by Luce5


Simone Lingua has entrusted Luce5 with a crucial and decisive role. The Tuscan company has once again distinguished itself for professionalism and competence by creating the artist's works with dedication and precision.

Luce5 was selected by the artist because it is able to get out of the box and ready to incorporate an artistic and visionary language that goes beyond the traditional approach to lighting design. With a solid and concrete know-how that speaks of light in its many technical facets, and with many years of experience in the design and management of lighting projects, luce 5 indeed speaks with passion of research, experimentation and innovation.

This exhibition marks the beginning of an ambitious, larger artistic project. In this initial phase, Palazzo Drago has not been merely a container or a backdrop, but has become a true creative instrument. The common thread running through the artist's entire work is the concept of the mirror. This versatile element offers multiple potentials, actively involving visitors in a dimension in which dynamism, reflection and distortion of reality mix. The exhibition creates connections with multiple forms, along a path that becomes a metaphor for contemporaneity: fragmented, stratified and sometimes destabilising thanks to the reflective surfaces.