Luce5 Ready to see beyond?

Luce5 for Anonima Luci in “Light, Please“, a necessary reference to entertainment, art and culture in general.

An important collaboration with Anonima Luci to rekindle art and culture in times of pandemic.

by Luce5


Lights are back on at BDC: Light, please!

In the BDC space in Parma, Luce5 supports Anonima Luci to celebrate creativity, the liveliness of ideas and all those artistic activities that are “not considered essential“ in times of pandemic and that have therefore been set aside and somewhat forgotten. Light, please! wants to put the world of art, entertainment and culture at the center, because culture has a paramount function within our society; it is a source of nourishment for the spirit and foundational to people’s balance and well-being.