Lighting the way.

Our mission. To be a reference for architects and clients who want to develop and manufacture highly customised light fixtures and environments.

Our idea is to create a unique lighting project designed just for you, to brighten your product, highlight your concept and confer an extra emotional element to the spaces reserved for you and your guests.

Our aim is to give life to your vision anywhere in the world through our passion, our competence in the field and the latest technology available.


We have always worked and supported the best design and lighting studios so to create unique projects that perfectly combine mechanical, electrical and electronical components


A special and expert team engineers and supervises the projects by quickly shaping the prototypes and mock-ups of lighting fixtures, furnishing items and display showcases


We make lighting fixtures for every kind of installation for specific needs, mass or custom made. Every lighting fixture guarantees a light that is integrated and harmonised with the environment


We monitor the project to its completion by ensuring a continuos and expert service, from logistics to the installation on site


Innovating means experimenting, imagining the new.

Guided by an endless passion for technology, Luce5 experiments and yields innovation, creating projects using LED technology that are capable of guaranteeing high colour rendering and repeatability of the requested lighting targets over time.

Luce5’s technical team is the beating heart of innovation.

The advanced instruments of our R&D laboratory allow to measure, verify and certify the project targets with the goal of providing customers the desired product and performance.

The integration of mechanical, electrical and electronic projects together with an autonomous selection of LEDs, ensure high quality standards and a harmonization of the light that can withstand the test of time.

Continuous updating of Luce5’s products with state-of-the-art technology is a further guarantee of sustainable, energy-saving projects for our customers.