Power box lighting control system


We have developed our “Power Boxes” to make installation easier, faster and safer

The system with Luce5 Power Box allows the system to be powered and controlled in a simple and foolproof manner, reducing installation activities with plug&play type connections. All the critical cabling activities between dimmers, power packs and drivers are carried out in the workshop where the correct operation of the entire system is also tested. The Power Boxes can be fitted with any type of dimmer or power pack and pre-configured for dimming with the various protocols available (DMX512, DALI, 1…10V, 0…10V, mesh network etc.).

triangolo-piccolo line

Our power box is a flexible system which adapts to the lighting system with no limitations on the number of lighting fixtures that can be controlled. Each light fitting is controlled and adjusted independently in order to achieve the very best visual comfort and create the desired atmosphere.