Custom: design, prototyping and production

Design, prototyping and production

We develop and manufacture custom lighting solutions

We develop and manufacture custom lighting solutions, working not only on the mechanics of our products, but mainly on the quality of LIGHT. We develop printed circuits for LEDs, electrical and electronic devices and management software.

We have made large investments to “bring and manage in-house” all the processing and all the strategic processes capable of guaranteeing the customer a truly personalized, fast and flexible service. Our customers can count on the following internal company structures:

A new electronics laboratory for the development and internal production of chips and LED strips, boards and electronic devices.

Electronics laboratory

A new CNC department that allows us to quickly create prototypes, mock-ups and small productions. We are able to make samples in any shape and using any material.


An internal R&D laboratory, equipped with the necessary instruments to carry out all the tests required by the different international regulations and to optimize the performance of the products developed. The equipment includes an integrating sphere, a goniophotometer, a climatic chamber for extreme thermal tests, (-40/+180C° with 10/98% humidity range), rack multilayers for thermal tests in ambient temperature, a radiometer for incoherent waves, spectrophotometers, digital oscilloscopes, etc.

R&D laboratory
Soluzioni custom e standard

Always starting from a selection process of the SR + H LED, crucial for the quality of the light, we are able to offer:

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Custom solutions

Mechanics, materials, finishes, LED boards and related control systems (even for products already present in the catalog), can be completely customized because they are totally designed and developed in-house.

Standard solutions

Products present in the catalog, but configurable in terms of color temperature and finish.

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