Frameless LED panels

Pannelli LED frameless

Frameless bespoke LED panels

Our latest generation LED panels have been designed to meet the demands of the design that is constantly looking for high-performance materials and solutions but with minimum thicknesses and dimensions. Our LED panels are very versatile thanks to the technical characteristics that allow a very wide and diversified use. They can coat any surface and be backlit with LEDs of any colour. They also enable the creation of mixed colour and design effects with optimal colour rendering, as well as a homogeneous and continuous light distribution.


Our LED Panels can be fully customized


We guarantee uniform light over the entire surface

We have developed new technical solutions and improved the product to optimize its performance.

Assenza completa di bordo

Frameless LED panel


Possibilità di forare i pannelli LED

Possibility of drilling the panels

The panels can be drilled at any point and with any diameter without compromising their operation and without altering the effect of a homogeneous backlight.

Utilizzati sia come luce diretta, a parete e a soffitto, sia come sistema di retroilluminazione integrata
Custom light panels can be used both as direct, wall and ceiling light and as an integrated backlighting system for translucent materials (stone and synthetic material) when depth is limited and traditional lightbox technologies cannot be used. Thicknesses range from a minimum of 18 mm for W span to a maximum of 25 mm for dynamic W and RGBW. The standard panels are equipped with W light, have a square or rectangular shape with one of the two sides having a length less than 800mm to ensure a perfect uniformity of light. However, it is possible to customise the structure, the light source (W or RGBW) and the IP rating (IP20 or IP65). The installation system is shared with the customer each time according to the intended use and installation.
line Specifications:
Color white


2700 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000

Color RGBW


RGB - 3000 / RGB - 4000

Color RGB


Avaible stripled power: 10W/m 14W/m 20W/m 24W/m

ce CE
da incasso RECESSED
Installazione da interno INSTALLATION INDOOR
Installazione da parete INSTALLATION WALL
Installazione a soffitto CEILING INSTALLATION
IP20 IP20
Superficie SUFACE
Tensione costante CONSTANTE VOLTAGE