Tech thickness

Furniture with built-in lighting.
Solid, lightweight and slimline (8-10mm) but hard-wearing. No mechanical or electrical component on view.

Minimum thickness of



Your furniture with built-in lighting

We can provide an innovative and functional system which allows you to create furniture with built-in lighting, with no mechanical or electrical components on view; furniture with ultra-slim structures, but hard-wearing with built-in lighting.


Technology conceived for integration in all types of furniture

Tech Thickness allows you to illuminate wardrobes, kitchens, display bookcases, display cases or special show cabinets, including custom shapes and sizes.

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This new technology uses aluminium for the structure instead of traditional materials. The reduced thicknesses allow you to optimise the internal spaces of the furniture items which will be lighter, but still strong and with a rational, elegant and functional design.


The ultra-slim 8-10mm aluminium sheets can be requested with any finish or covered with any material

They are offered as an alternative to more commonly used wood, but with the same strength and significantly less thick (about -400%). They can be assembled in any shape and galvanised, painted or veneered to obtain any type of finish.

Up to 4 m

No breaks or gaps for a seamless design.

Aluminium has the distinct advantage of being ultra-slim and versatile, but also strong and solid. It can be coated with any material. When putting the finishing touches to the furniture item which includes our tech thickness technology, we can use a single piece of aluminium up to a maximum length of 4 m with no need for breaks or gaps, thus guaranteeing a seamless design.

The mechanical features of aluminium guarantee heat dissipation without requiring any additional furnishing elements for this purpose. This new furniture concept offers architects and designers the possibility of creating furniture with built-in lighting, designed around shapes and sizes that have been difficult to create up until now.

Reduced thicknesses with no visible fastening elements

The design of furnishing accessories remains simple with no visible mechanical components.

No power cable on view

Despite the reduced structural thicknesses, we can position light fixtures and cables without them being on view.

Heat dissipation

Aluminium guarantees dissipation with no need for additional heat dispersion components.

Any shape or finish possible