Computer Vision

The Gaze

Light reacts to your gaze in architecture and art.


You are the one who illuminates scenes in an architectural, artistic or exhibition setting with your gaze and the light responds to your eyes


In retail stores, window displays are lit up by a gaze

Your customer is involved in a dynamic and interactive experience. The light shines on the item observed by the customer. This system allows you to obtain a highly accurate assessment of the satisfaction generated by a product on display and a customer profile by macro parameters.

Precise and timely data collection for your marketing analyses:

· Customer classification by age and gender.
· Identification of the state of mind when observing the product.
· Tally of how many times that customer observes the product.
· Reduction of energy consumption in the absence of a visual impulse.


Increases the experience of your customers

The focus is always on your customer. Protagonist and instigator of a dynamic and interactive experience.

Reduces energy consumption

If there is no-one looking, energy consumption is significantly reduced.

Statistical data acquisition for marketing analyses

Customer classification based on pre-selected parameters. A significant data collection at your disposal for use in creating statistics and implementing marketing actions as a result.