Tech thickness

Tech Thickness Bookshelf

New shapes and functions to furnishings

Circular Economy

Circular Economy


Your high tech aluminum furniture with integrated light and a minimum thickness of 10 mm

Tech thickness of 10 mm
Tech Thickness particular Tech Thickness Shelves

Solid, light and ultra-thin. Endless possibilities of use and development

Line white small Wardrobes
Line white small Special showcases or display cabinets
Line white small Kitchens
Line white small Displays
Line white small Bookcases

Also with integrated system for air sanitization

Line white small Thanks to a specially designed reflective system, the light is projected evenly onto the aluminium without being filtered by visible opalines. The light is clear, continuous, fluid and without unsightly interruptions.
Tech Thickness Ladder


Modular System

Mia is a showcase built with our tech thickness technology. Mia can be used either as a single furnishing complement or inserted in a wider context becoming part of a modular furnishing system.

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Modular System supporting structure

Structures up to 4m with integrated light

Tech Thickness Bookshelf

Our high-tech aluminum can be treated to obtain any finish or coated with any material without the need for protective painting

Finiture possibili
Possible finishes
Integrated air sanitizer

Integrated system for air sanitization

The furnishings designed with our Tech Thickness technology, can be set up and valued with an air purification system. Our sanitization system has been engineered to be mounted in the structure of the furnishings in order to favor the purification of the air in the room.

Automatic heat dissipation

Thanks to the properties of aluminum, the illuminated surfaces do not overheat and the structures do not need additional dissipating elements.

Tech thickness automatic heat dissipation

Without visible fasteners

The design of the furnishing accessory remains clean and without visible mechanical elements.

No visible power cord

Despite reduced structural thicknesses, we are able to position the lighting fixtures and to carry out the wiring without them being visible.