The light of stone

The light of stone camera

The new frontier of creativity


Backlit stones in just 16mm

This technique allows us to work with ultra-thin natural stone thicknesses and to create backlit panels evenly with an overall thickness of 16mm (considering both the stone and the lighting system).

Pietre retroilluminate in soli 16mm

New designing possibilities for innovative and revolutionary design

Line white small Drawer units
Line white small Special showcases or display cabinets
Line white small Kitchens
Line white small Displays stands
Line white small Walls or doors
Line white small Bathrooms
Line white small Backdrops and light panels
Line white small Lamps and lighting systems

Possibility of drilling the panels


The panels can be drilled at any point and with any diameter without compromising their functioning and without altering the effect of a homogeneous backlight.

Possibililtà di forare i pannelli
Forare con qualsiasi diametro senza comprometterne il funzionamento e la retroilluminazione