Computer Vision

The Gaze

Data and emotions at the service of marketing

Acquisizione dati marketing

An integrated system of hardware and software at the service of your business activity

Dati marketing

The Gaze automatically collects a wide range of data for marketing analyses

Just some examples of a wide range of available and classifiable data

Classificazione dell’utente per età e genere

User classification by age and gender

Rilevamento dello stato d’animo nel momento dell’osservazione del prodotto

Detection of the mood upon observation of the product

Valutazione dell’indice di gradimento del prodotto

Assessment of the product's approval rating

Counting how often and for how long a specific product is observed

Tempo totale di stazionamento della clientela in ogni area

Total time spent by customers in each area

Numero di persone che hanno attraversato un’area specifica

Number of people who have passed through a specific area

Acquisizione dati marketing
Grafici Marketing
triangolo-piccolo line

The data are acquired and processed in compliance with the privacy law

The Gaze + Lighting


The Gaze is versatile and can be integrated with the Luce5 system for dynamic light control

Aumenta l’esperienza dei tuoi utenti

Increase your users' experience

Your customer is always at the center, protagonist and creator of a dynamic and interactive experience.

Riduci il consumo energetico

Reduce energy consumption

In the absence of the observer, energy consumption is significantly reduced.