We are hiring a Production Coordinator Assistant


The Applicant has to support the Production Coordinator by using ERP software.He has to allow the coordination of the activities done by the personnel involved in Production (Purchases Office, Assembly Workshop, Logistics) and promote the correct and complete document flow connected to it.


  • Identification of the needs in terms of materials and manpower necessary to realize the production, starting from Client Orders or Internal Orders and by using the dedicated ERP software functions.
  • Setting of the "production planning" in ERP software, generation of the documents connected to supply of materials and external manufacturing cycles.
  • Control and management of the material flows on ERP system:
    - Loading and unloading of materials, semi-finished and finished products
    - Progress of Productions
  • Recording of information on the production status (by using BPM software)

Minimum requirements:

  • Experience in similar role
  • Experience in using ERP systems
  • Use of Excel: tables, pivot, use of functions

Preferable requirements:

  • Working experience in a production company to order
  • Electric, electronic or lighting knowledge
  • Knowledge of CNC and metal sheet manufacturing
  • Intermediate (B level) knowledge of English language

Please send your CV to recruitment@luce5.it

Recruitment of Production Coordinator Assistant