Purpose: Compasso D'oro


ADI Design Index is the yearbook published by ADI - Italian Association for Industrial Design - that collects the best of Italian design, selected by the Permanent design Observatory.
The selection includes products or product systems, assessed in the context of different merchandise fields, in addition to the theoretical, historical and critical research and the corporate research. It is a selection focused on design of goods.
The registration is done through the presentation of the product by the producer or by the designer who created the product/series or service.
Products must be put into production during the calendar year covered by the selection, which corresponds to the year prior the publication of the ADI Design Index.
The publication allows the participation to the annual ADI Design Index Innovation Award.
The selection and publication on the ADI Design Index is the pre-selection for the participation to the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award. The Compasso d’Oro is awarded every two years by an International Jury, specially nominated by ADI and ADI Foundation, which works on the basis of the selection published on the ADI Design Index each year.
The continuous measurement of quality carried out by the Observatory for the selection path to the Compasso d’Oro Award, is unique on national and international levels.


Design: Vittorio Venezia; Engineering & Development: LUCE5


Concept design: Peter Marino Architect; Lighting design: Metis Lighting; Engineering & Development: LUCE5