Top quality custom led lights

These are just few of the products we designed and manufactured for clients' specific needs. For the last decade, Luce5 has been manufacturing custom lighting showcased on impressive projects worldwide. Custom lighting requires design expertise and manufacturing experience to create unique custom product, technologically advanced, integrating controls to maximize energy savings while delivering exceptional quality lighting.



Recessed downlight, finishes on request. Installation hole on plasterboard: 79mm

adjustable spotlight aluminium recessed dynamic colour temperature plasterboard mounting more available finishes


LED BAR.9.10°/20°/55°W

Lighting fixture made of U-shaped aluminium bar equipped with 9 LED

led bar recessed aluminium



Light fixture made of U-shaped stainless steel bar equipped with 6 adjustable OLED downlights.

plasterboard mounting for shop windows steel stainless steel finishing variable length



LED modular system for wall washer effect

aluminium modular system wall washer